"Jessica is the living proof of all my theories regarding human potential.She is a rising star in the firmament" Sandra Ramdhani. Author and Psychic. 

“After receiving a copy of Jessica’s book I started to read it immediately and was unable to put it down.  I laughed, I cried, I wanted to jump up and down and scream..”FINALLY…!!! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!.  It was as though Jessica had literally crawled into my body and life and was describing in exact detail, everything I was feeling and had been trying to express for the last three years of my life!  It has been a very trying and difficult time for me in many areas of my life.  Jessica has inspired and given me hope.”Kathryn S Vause. Utah

“A stupendous story well worth reading” (Gerry Kelly: 'The Kelly Show.' U T V. Northern Ireland)

"When your book is published, actress's will fight each other to play you . Your story has film potential." (Henry Beckman, Actor.1985)

“An extraordinary story. A tragedy with humor.”(Pat Kenny. 'The Kenny Live' T V Show', Ireland)'

"Critics have described Jessica's story as a Triumph of the human spirit: (Journalist, Rory Hafford:  The Irish Star.)

"The most remarkable autobiography I have ever read. I could not put the book down". (Sinead O Sullivan. Kerry, Ireland)

"I often pick up your book to re-read it. It's always alive."(Brendan Kennelly)

“Your appearance on Kenny Live touched a chord with many people.” (John Burns. Researcher for RTE T V, Ireland.)

“A stupendous story well worth reading”

(Gerry Kelly: The Kelly Show. U T V. Ireland)

“An extraordinary story. A tragedy with humor.”(Pat Kenny.  Kenny Live. RTE Ireland)

"Your book is truly inspirational”. (Shay Healy. RTE TV Ireland)

“Your book would make a great film.”(Jean Ritchie. Author/Journalist).

"I managed to read the draft of your book, From Tragedy To Triumph.  The review will be in the winter issue of our Newsletter. I thought that it was a wonderful read and will give a real insight what it is like to be touched by brain injury. It is a very brave, touching and honest account of your experiences and I hope it will be a best seller!" (Clodagh O Brian. Headway Ireland.)

"A book for everyone in the medical profession." (Nurse. P. Hayden U. K)

“You are a great example for your bravery, determination and dedication.”  (Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.)

“My appreciation for your marvelous courage and work on behalf of the brain-injured of Ireland” (Mary Robinson: Former President of Ireland.)

"I love your website and the work you are doing for all of us with a head-injury."   (Dr. Sandra Linley.)

"Your book is a tribute to your strength of character and determination." (Geraldine Diggin, Kerry Ireland.)

"I have known Jessica for many years and I never fail to be impressed by her fortitude and dedication, to the blessed work she has undertaken on behalf of those who suffered brain injury. Her noble work is bearing fruit in many countries and changing the public attitude towards those less fortunate brothers and sisters. In my eyes she is truly a Hero - no longer a hidden hero."  (Patrick Gallivan /Chairman, Sathya Sai Organisation,Ireland)

"We feel thankful to meet some like you who has been able to overcome such a horrendous experience and can genuinely help others.  We send you our heartfelt wishes that you will have continued strength and enthusiasm to take the message far and wide." (Debra and William Miller: Global Dharma Center)

  “Her story will provide hope for those who feel helpless. We can feel thankful for Jessica’s courage profound enough to provide an example for what can be done for the brain injured.”(Dr. John Unruh, Director of the Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation, Penn, US)

“Jessica’s experience demonstrates once again the potential of brain function, its ability to accept the insult of brain injury and the effectiveness of Reserve Neuron Stimulation. Her determination is an inspiration to all in the fight to succeed in rehabilitation.” (Eugene Campbell, Director of Association Revivre, Auterive, France.)

"I've just completed reading your book.  It was a truly remarkable journey and definitely is not an ordinary one.  Your experience has touched my heart deeply and opened my eyes into areas which I have never been aware of before.  You are a blessing to mankind and an inspiration to so many helpless beings.  God has chosen you for this role and you have not let Him down.  I feel truly honored to have met you through your book. " (Adeline Teh.)

"Your story is very important"  (Vanessa Redgrave.)

"I read your book today from cover-to-cover.  I couldn't put it down - I wanted to finish reading it.  What an inspiring and compelling story!"  (Raymond Trembley, author of 'Riding The Tides Of Life.)

“An extraordinary story, which I found very moving. Well suited to a mini series.” (Roger Randall-Cutler; Producer of The Commitments.)

“Good luck with the book. We hope that not only is it successful for you but your fight, determination, strength and incredible courage are recognized. You are a remarkable lady. (Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale.  AMY Productions.)

"We're so proud of your accomplishments and our hearts are with you and your fine efforts." (Jon and Judy Hendricks).

“I commend you for your courage and strength.”(Dave Pelzer, author of 'A Child Called It')

“Your story is inspirational and motivational. It needs to reach the mass media."    (Samira/Tribute to Tina) . www.trulytina.com

  "From Tragedy to Triumph, in Jessica's own heartfelt words, is a true story of struggle, adversity and triumph.  Her story will not only open your eyes, but also your heart." (Paul Elder, Author & Ex TV Newscaster) 

"Your profound ability to give people hope in their future and your indomitable persistence to the perseverance of not giving up is very commendable to say the least. You are a beacon of light on the darkest of nights. To never give up is to some an unfathomable though but to you it was your only way of preserving some sort of normal in your existence in this world that you live in. You have re made your world. You have overcome the impossible and now you travel on the roads enlightenment of others helping to show the truth of hope." ('White Light')

"An extraordinary story, which I found very moving. Well suited to a mini series". (Roger Randall-Cutler, Producer “ The Commitments)

"I was deeply moved by your story - and more - by your courage not only to recover from a traumatic experience but also to then go on to give back to others in similar situations." (Wallace Huey. Trans4mind.)

“A wonderful account of unbreakable courage. The stuff of which great people are made.” (Andre Kehoe. Author)

"You are such an inspiration to all who know you. I'm one of the lucky ones". (Rina Knoesen. Architect)

“Riveting. You have packed more into the last few years than most people achieve in a lifetime.” (The late Peggy Mason. Author.)

“Your story is unique” (Rochelle Moore, Author).

"Thank you so very much for your book. It was wonderful. I laughed and cried while reading it. I am in the process of having members of my family read it. Keep up the good work." (Maureen Shakespear. Immigration Officer.)

"I finished reading your book at 3 am this morning!!! Thank you for sharing your thought-provoking life story, journey after brain injury.
I gained great insight into some of the inner thought processes that you went through and shared your many experiences. I feel so fortunate that I have had the opportunity to meet you and be a part of your efforts to increase awareness of brain injury, the hidden disability." (Myrna Scarff. Teacher of special needs children.)

"My heroine is Jessica Taylor, a lady who 1st healed herself and then went on a worldwide campaign to educate people and bring attention to the plight of the head and brain-injured. Recently Jessica was honored as a 'Hidden Hero' on Shaw TV for her tireless crusade for head and brain injury awareness. Thank you, Jessica, for standing up from behind the rock and making a difference!" ( Erica Boersma. Harmonic Utopia)

"Recently Jessica was honored as a 'Hidden Hero' on Shaw TV for her tireless crusade for head and brain injury awareness. Please consider Jessica Taylor for this very honorable salute to those who are shining examples of what we all can be if we trust, believe, and know that we are powerful creator beings capable of any and everything." (Cheryl F Batoon.)

"Jessica, you have presented a compelling case against negative terminology and I applaud your efforts. In time, as more people become aware of the heart-ache these terms can cause, we can hope for a greater understanding and a change to more enlightened attitudes. Well done"! (Kathleen Falvae. (Stroke Recovery Association. Oceanside Branch).

"Hi Jessica, Thanks again for the presentation. Everyone enjoyed it very much. You are an inspiration to folks who are starting out on their own recovery journey". Blessings, (Kathleen Falvae. (Stroke Recovery Association. Oceanside Branch).

"It was very nice meeting you at the conference in Niagara and hearing about your journey back after suffering a traumatic brain injury. You are an inspiration to many …myself in particular." (Tonya Dembicki. A B I survivor).

“Jessica, your journey back has been such a long one filled with such hope. I’m so proud of you. This book is a must read. Thank you for including the small part I played in your life, it has been an honor to know and love you, my dear friend.” (Kathryn Kates Media Personality)

'Along with her campaigning, Jessica still finds the time to research and work on her dissertation on 'Theology and its Connection to the Paranormal' and hopes to earn a doctorate in theology. This from a woman who was told by doctors she'd only be able to work at making cardboard boxes in a factory!  She is not making cardboard boxes, she is making history.' (Liz Roy)

"Your first project will have great success and be on film. There will be a lot of follow-ups. There is a spiritual connotation. Your second project has a bigger spiritual connotation. This project will also have great success. The sky's the limit" Psychic Professor Merza, Brighton, England.

I loved your book. It was wonderful to read how you overcame such a horrible experience and how you have evolved. Your story gives me compassion and understanding for those who have had brain trauma. Thank you for being a source of love and kindness in this world.". Kim Bellwood: School teacher.


Ian Botham kindly gave a copy of my memoir to Thorsons editor Jo Kyle some years ago. Having read my book, Jo wrote ..." Your story is truly moving and inspiring. It is a courageous story that deserves to be read by many, showing that they too can win against the odds."

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Praise for "From Tragedy to Triumph" and "A Spiritual Awakening: In Search of Hidden Jewels"

  • A stupendous story well worth reading.
    -Gerry Kelly: 'The Kelly Show.' U T V. Northern Ireland

  • ...actresses will fight each other to play you. Your story has film potential.
    -Henry Beckman, Actor.1985

  • An extraordinary story. A tragedy with humor.
    -Pat Kenny. 'The Kenny Live' T V Show', Ireland

  • You are a great example for your bravery, determination and dedication.
    -Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

  • My appreciation for your marvelous courage and work on behalf of the brain-injured of Ireland.
    -Mary Robinson: Former President of Ireland

  • Your story is very important.
    -Vanessa Redgrave

  • An extraordinary story, which I found very moving. Well suited to a mini series.
    -Roger Randall-Cutler, Producer, “ The Commitments"

  • Jessica Taylor’s research deeply considers the wider meanings of theology in terms of mind and soul.
    -Susan Keating: Metaphysical Healer

  • A must read for everyone who is interested in discovering our true Spiritual nature and some fascinating thoughts on Jesus.
    -Reverend Dianne Burroughs

  • A Spiritual Awakening: In Search of Hidden Jewels will appeal to university students, seekers of existential truth, religious enquirers and brain-injured survivors.
    -Major Lee Olson