Just finished your book....a powerful, moving story - part of me is like - wow - there are no words for all that you endured, transformed, experienced, in the journey of creating a new personality called Jessica.    You are a deeply inspired light - and very courageous soul who took this on - my heart runneth over that we have met. I am here to honor and celebrate your wholeness; in whatever way this looks and feels like to you. (Valerie White.)

"This book follows the winding and difficult path of someone learning to find themselves after a brain injury. Jessica feels that she has lived two lives and also has lived through supernatural and spiritual experiences. This is a fascinating and emotional read which will allow anyone to see what it is like to live with a brain injury." (Headway Ireland/2008)

"It is time for these forgotten people, the head and brain injured, to be acknowledged by the rest of the world, recognized as equals, with views that need to be expressed and needs that must be met. They can play an important role in society and they deserve to be treated with more respect so that they do not have to live a life of confusion, frustration, depression, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy." (Jessica Taylor.)

From Tragedy to Triumph can be purchased on Amazon.

Recently Jessica was recently honored as a 'Hidden Hero' on Canadian T.V.

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Praise for "From Tragedy to Triumph"

  • A stupendous story well worth reading.
    -Gerry Kelly: 'The Kelly Show.' U T V. Northern Ireland

  • ...actresses will fight each other to play you. Your story has film potential.
    -Henry Beckman, Actor.1985

  • An extraordinary story. A tragedy with humor.
    -Pat Kenny. 'The Kenny Live' T V Show', Ireland

  • You are a great example for your bravery, determination and dedication.
    -Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

  • My appreciation for your marvelous courage and work on behalf of the brain-injured of Ireland.
    -Mary Robinson: Former President of Ireland

  • Your story is very important.
    -Vanessa Redgrave

  • An extraordinary story, which I found very moving. Well suited to a mini series.
    -Roger Randall-Cutler, Producer, “ The Commitments"