Appearances in Canada and U S.

Watch Jessica Taylor on the Spiritual But Not Religious Show.

Chat with Dr, Constance Miller on Febraury 12, 2015 at 5pm pacific time.
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Chat with Life coach Georgene Summers on Voice America Variety Internet Radio, Jan 29th 3pm, 30th 2 pm and 31st at 4 pm.
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Host for THE GLOBAL PICNIC FOR BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS. Parksville Park September 21 

Dave Graham's Radio Show, Sept 13. (Local station 88.5)
Patrick Nickelson's Radio Show Sept 13. (Local station 99.9)

Presentation ,"Hopes For The Forgotten People"  at the Brain Injury Society of Canada Conference, Sept 27,2012,

Presentation at THE RAINBOW HOUSE RETREAT CENTER, 629, Happy Hollow Road., Huntington, Vermont.
Sept 29, 2012,

Dave Graham's radio show 88.5 on June 27 at 8.30 am.
Oceanside Women's Business Network presentation at 7.30 am June 27/ Sunrise Ridge Resort Parksville.
May 1, 2011, Presentation at the Quality Resort Parksville, and B.C. The subject matter to introduce to Vancouver Island a rehabilitation machine called 'Quadriciser.'  This machine also accommodates an even wider range of disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and much more.

The machine is used in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes for seniors, as well as private homes in many parts of the U.S. It is also used in a couple of rehab centers in Canada. The cost of the machine IS $15.500.

Since establishing how the machine is helping so many people, I hope it will be used in many rehabilitation units around Canada. Please go to 'Links' for info and videos.

TV Chat Shows & Radio in Ireland:

Kenny Live. (The Late Late Show)  R T E, T V. Ireland. 1994

The Gerry Kelly TV Show. Northern Ireland, 1994

Nation Wide.  R T E. T V.  Ireland. 1995

R T E radio. Ireland. 1993/94/95

Speaker at Intermediate School, Killorglin, Co Kerry, Ireland. 1996

Speaker at Dromquinna Manor Hotel, Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland. 1997

Speaker at The Hilton Hotel. Limerick, Ireland. 1998.  

The Beach F M radio 88.5 at 8.45am, and The Lounge F M radio 99.9 at 9am on April 19, and October 20.2011.

Speaker at the Society of Organized Services, Parksville, B.C. September 2009.

Speaker to the Psychology Class students at Nanaimo University, March 2009.

Speaker at Oceanside Woman’s Business Network meeting and dinner, March   2009. On the panel March 15 2012.

Speaker at the Health & Wellness Fair, Parksville Community Centre March 2009.

Speaker at the Rotary Club, Parksville, B C.  2006/2008
Presentation at the Head Injury Conference, Hamilton, Ontario. 2007

Presentation at the Edmonton Head Injury Conference. 2007

Presentation at the Head Injury Conference, Niagara. 2006               

             Internet TV and Radio Chat Shows Canada & U S.

Jessica chats with Rev Rhonda Smith at 3pm pacific time, May 30.
Rhonda's website is 
This is the direct link for a repeat of my chat with Rhonda.

Jessica chats with TV and Radio Hosts Erica and Dwaine about her book on
Aug 9th, 2009

Web site:                                
Valerie chats with Jessica about the incredible journey shared in her current book "From Tragedy to Triumph," what Valerie believes is an inspiring must read for all those who desire to experience hope, triumph and transformation post brain-injury.

Comments after my radio show:

Hi Jessica,

Today was a great show. Jessica, you are an inspiration to all. It makes the darkness that I have lived minor in comparison and yet your soul is so amazingly beautiful and bright. I felt the love, warmth, and compassion in your voice for others that are facing similar tragedies.

I just wanted to thank you for the interview today and I wanted to thank the Twin Flames for yet another excellent show. I wasn't able to call in and express this; therefore, I wanted to share my thoughts and love with you all here.

Much blessings to you Jessica as you continue spreading the power of self-healing. There are so many that will benefit by the blessings that your book and life experiences will bring to their hearts. Your heartfelt intention will impact thousands as will the Twin Flames...I love you all!  Twin Flames, Harmonic Utopia  Radio Show 19-8-2009

Peace & Love, ? Cheryl

Hello Jessica ... thank you so much for being on the show and sharing with us ... I was so encouraged and blessed by your sharing with us ... I would really like to help you anyway I can . I would like to help you promote your victory over this tragedy ... so that others can follow your example of victory and find their path of healing no matter what their physical limitations or healing requirements are .... hugs Elke   (Documentary Film Producer)

I'm in the right place with such an uplifted encouraging woman that is moving mountains to accomplish her goals.  Elke.

Much blessings to you Jessica as you continue spreading the power of self-healing. There are so many that will benefit by the blessings that your book and life experiences will bring to their hearts. Your heartfelt intention will impact thousands as will the Twin Flames...I love you all! Peace & Love, ? Cheryl

I'm here if you need me. Thanks for sharing your story, and becoming who you are.

Your profound ability to give people hope in their future and your indomitable resistance to the perseverance of not giving up is very commendable to say the least. You are a beacon of light on the darkest of nights. To never give up is to some an unfathomable though but to you it was your only way of preserving some sort of normal in your existence in this world that you live in. You have re made your world. You have overcome the impossible and now you travel on the roads enlightenment of others helping to show the truth of hope. 
Thank You

Love and Light, White Light
Hi Jessica...

Kudos to you, for your strength, determination and loving people enough to share your story. I could not imagine a fight for life such as yours. There are times when a curse becomes a blessing. The curse, your injury...and the blessing is to all those who will read your book and understand what trials are.

Thank you for sharing...Love and blessings, Lea
Thanks Jessica! Your energy, love, determination, support and wisdom are appreciated. I am very grateful to have met you. C J.  (Survivor)
Wonderful you have the voice of an Angle.  All the best more will follow so get ready for a mad autumn and a crazy winter.    Lin.  (Psychic)

I just really wanted to say hello and confess that I have very little knowledge of your work, brain injuries and only heard you for the first time on Blog talk radio which I was late as usual, my excuse being I live to far away in England. You have a lovely way about you and really would like to hear more about your spiritual self/ Journey from you as you are now, I believe we all have our inner calling to do something and you obviously have yours as I also have mine which is still at its dream stage from where I am now but am interested in how you see the world at the moment so I can maybe get a glimpse or sense your energy, as I believe before the physical work can begin there must be non physical work from which it came and as much as I want to share in your specific physical work I really think your inner work can help so many on there own physical works calling :) Aston.

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Praise for "From Tragedy to Triumph" and "A Spiritual Awakening: In Search of Hidden Jewels"

  • A stupendous story well worth reading.
    -Gerry Kelly: 'The Kelly Show.' U T V. Northern Ireland

  • ...actresses will fight each other to play you. Your story has film potential.
    -Henry Beckman, Actor.1985

  • An extraordinary story. A tragedy with humor.
    -Pat Kenny. 'The Kenny Live' T V Show', Ireland

  • You are a great example for your bravery, determination and dedication.
    -Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

  • My appreciation for your marvelous courage and work on behalf of the brain-injured of Ireland.
    -Mary Robinson: Former President of Ireland

  • Your story is very important.
    -Vanessa Redgrave

  • An extraordinary story, which I found very moving. Well suited to a mini series.
    -Roger Randall-Cutler, Producer, “ The Commitments"

  • Jessica Taylor’s research deeply considers the wider meanings of theology in terms of mind and soul.
    -Susan Keating: Metaphysical Healer

  • A must read for everyone who is interested in discovering our true Spiritual nature and some fascinating thoughts on Jesus.
    -Reverend Dianne Burroughs

  • A Spiritual Awakening: In Search of Hidden Jewels will appeal to university students, seekers of existential truth, religious enquirers and brain-injured survivors.
    -Major Lee Olson