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The website for Author & Speaker, Colleen Butler is Colleens mission is to provide solutions, education and practical tools for brain injured survivors. Her self-help book, Concussion Recovery, is a must read and I am honored to be her friend.

This is a useful and credible source of free online courses was found by a college student whose research is focused on Americans who are living with disabilities. It is a comprehensive consumer guide on how disabled people can have their own homes. . On this site you will hear blog talk radio chats, other support group websites and events.

Canadian Disability Association.  .

There is excellent Disability Assistance and Resources on: -
Second Chance to Live presents topics and information in such a way to encourage, motivate, empower and instill hope in anyone who has been touched by trauma, abuse or adversity.
Self healing.

Accessible Wilderness Society: Dan Bauer:
Read about a  rehabilitation machine that was designed by Larry H Bohanan.Jessica E Taylor - New Beginnings Foundation - Parksville, BC, Canada - Links
The video filmed at the WCD Expo 2007 with Quadriciser's charismatic CEO Larry Bohanan in Washington, D.C.

YouTube - Dr. Paul Harch, MD: Unsung HBOT Hero   Dr. Paul Harch, MD (hyperbarics dot org) treated a scuba diver institutionalized because of ... Recovery From Stroke with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). ...

Betty Clooney Foundation
for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury

High Hopes was the first private non-profit organization formed in the country to exclusively serve the needs of the head injured and their families. High hopes is a non profit charity which also functions as a full service day treatment program dedicated to helping the brain injured from their recoveries. High Hopes has also had the highest success rate as we have been serving for over 36 years. Since our inception in 1975, High Hopes has been recognized as a pioneer in the development and facilitation of community-based services. This year over 400,000 people will service a head injury with some degree of impairment. Traumatic head injuries (a blow to the head resulting in coma or loss of consciousness) are the leading cause of death and disability in people under the age of 35. This "Silent Epidemic" leaves 50,000 to 90,000 people needing programs like High Hopes. Through innovative program services, High Hopes continues to provide excellent services with superior results at the lowest cost in the country.

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) is delighted to announce the launch of our new campaign website at The site is an important development in our aim to improve and prioritize services available to people with neurological conditions in Ireland. With a performance record of 99% recommendation DriveWise is premier in Road Safety Education.

Head-injury support in Queensland,Australia  The website for the Victoria support group.  This site gives the addresses of the many support groups around Canada.  TEAM TERRIFIC. Comox Valley Head Injury Society Initiative Founded by the Rick Hansen Foundation.

New Beginnings Community Center - Reaching out to TBI Survivors ... New Beginnings Community Center will be a Long Island outpatient facility designed to provide a healthy, stimulating, and safe environment for community.

Information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy ... from Dr. David Perlmutter . This is the website of  Canadian downhill skier Dave Irwin. Also,   'Acquired brain injury The Facts' magazine is a must read for survivors and their families.  (Australia)
                    The website of Dr, John Unruh the Founder and Director of the Centre For Neurological Rehabilitation, SwarthmorePenn. ()  The Association For Neurologically Disabled , Toronto,Canada  The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential is a nonprofits educational organization that serves brain-injured children as well as healthy children. The Centers in Philadelphia in the U.S.Italy, Brazil, and Japan introduce parents to the field of child brain development. Parents learn how the brain grows and how to speed that growth in their child. For more information go to   Important info regarding stem cell success on this website.   Brian Injury Association of Illinois. Rehabilitation Center in Missoula, Montana. U.S.  Constance Miller MA, in Seattle Washington has done intensive research on head injury related issues.  An organization where stem cell treatment appears to be having success. is the world's premier personal development website,
with an abundance of free coaching services, ecourses, ebooks, videos,  audios and a great little eMagazine called Cultivate Life, all
organised to support you in your life challenges! Gary Anaka has been working since 1997 in the exciting new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience.  He is the top Brain-Based Learning Facilitator in British Columbia today.  Gary is also currently a pioneer creating the amazing new field of Brain Health & Wellness.   There is more information about stem cells when you click Head Injury. .  Brainwave is based in the southwest of England where home-based rehabilitation programs are designed.   Headway support group in the UK.  / Headway support group in Ireland.   Patrick is a leading authority on new approaches to health and nutrition. /  The Brain Injury Association of Niagara support group who also raise awareness to the prevention of brain injury.   and   / Dr Sandra Linley is a survivor of acquired brain injury   A home- like setting in Central Texas for caring and support   Brain injury support group in England.  The site of Rick Hansen, "Wheels In Motion,"  who inspires others in wheelchairs to have a better life.   Terry is an ABI survivor. His powerful story was the subject of the film, THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF   A Toronto run foundation in Toronto; publishers of the book, MAKING A DIFFERENCE: PROFILES IN ABILITIES, By A B I survivor, Daryl Rock.   Vancouver Island Head Injury Society   The site of Daniel Windheim, A B I Survivor and Author.   Each month more than a million families with a health crisis get support from this group in Minnesota.  THE BRAIN ATTACK COALITION. Dedicated to reducing the occurrences, disabilities and death associated with stroke.   A charity dedicated to improve the quality of life of people directly and indirectly by encephalitis.   A collection of creative writing about stroke recovery. Edited by Liz Pearl  Brain Injury Association of Canada · Association canadienne des lésés cérébreaux ...  Ontario Brain Injury Association - Professional Training Caregiver Information and Support.  BrainTrust Canada Association is a world leader in the field of acquired brain injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.  Brain Injury Association of Chatham-Kent, Ontario   Support group in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. A Seattle support group.  Brain Injury Association of California.  Brain Injury Association of Florida.  Brain Injury Association of Texas.  San Diego Brain Injury Support  Brain Association of B C, in Victoria.  Brain Injury Association of Alberta.   Manitoba Brain Injury Association.  Saskatchewan Head Injury Association.    Brain Injury Society of the Yukon.  Head Injury Society of New Zealand.   The Way Ahead utilizes drama and arts to support education and life skills.   A free book about Holistic Self Care for those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Dr. Cindee Grace . Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine provide a simple approach to Spiritual Enlightenment. Here you will see the great talents of savants around the world.

I admire James Redford for his campaign ' Transplant Awareness.'
Go to  and .
I myself have carried a Organ Donation card in my purse for the past 20 years. Stroke Information & Resource Guide.